Product Care


Silver Jewellery

All of our chains, keyring fixings, cufflink backs and jump rings are made from sterling silver.

Our personalised charms are handmade from fine silver which has 99.9% silver content.

Silver is a soft metal, therefore care should be taken not to knock, or rub the charms against any hard surface. This may cause them to scratch or lose detail which would be classed as normal wear and tear and therefore not be covered under warranty.

However, if you return your charm within the first 12 months we will repolish it free of charge.

Silver will tarnish naturally over time, but can be cleaned. We recommend using a soft cloth impregnated with silver polish as soon as your charm becomes dull. If we have any stock, we will happily supply a small piece of impregnated cloth on collection of your charm. Take care not to rub away the fingerprint detail.

To keep your jewellery in the best possible condition:

•  Ensure your silver is kept dry and out of any humid environment.
•  Store a piece of aluminium foil in your jewellery box. This may react with the hydrogen sulphide in the air before it can tarnish the silver.
•  Remove your jewellery before showering, bathing, swimming, using cleaning materials and applying beauty or hygiene products.
•  Remove your jewellery at night and keep multiple pieces separate when storing.

Remember your piece of fine silver jewellery is precious and deserves special treatment to keep it in the best possible condition.

Ceramic, stone, cold cast metal and solid bronze items

Where these items are framed they require no maintenance beyond regular dusting and cleaning the glass front to keep them as good as new. Please note the natural wood frame may become faded over time in direct sunlight.

Where the items are unframed please take extreme care not to knock the items onto, or with any hard surface as they may chip or break. This accidental damage will not be covered under warranty.

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